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 Pakistan on Dr. Mohammad Iqbal 1974

Pakistan on Dr. Mohammad Iqbal 1974

A commemorative postage stamp on Iqbal Centenary – 1977 (9 November 1877 – 21 April 1938) :

Spiritual Father of PakistanIssued by Pakistan

Issued on Nov 9, 1974

Design : The format of the stamp is vertical. The main feature of the stamp is the portrait of Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, the great poet and Philosopher, which is printed in Black and Blue colours. In the upper Ultramarine Blue panel the caption “Iqbal Centenary 1977″ is printed in Turquoise Blue and in the lower panel the date of birth “9 November, 1877” and the date of death “21 Apr 1938” is printed on the bottom right side. The word “Postage” and denomination figure ’20-Paisa’ are printed in Black on the bottom left corner in the lower panel. The word “Pakistan” in Urdu and English are printed in Turquoise blue in the vertical panels of Olive Green colour on both sides of the portrait.

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Denomination : 20 Paisa

Colour : Black, Turquoise Blue, Ultramarine Blue and Olive Green

Size of Stamp : 32.50 x 44.50 m.m.

Size of Print : 29.50 x 41.50 m.m.

Perforation gauge : 13 x 13 (C)

Quantity printed : 5,00,000

Number of stamps in each sheet : 50 (fifty)

Process of printing : Litho Offset

PrintersThe Pakistan Security Printing Corporation Ltd. Karachi

Name : Muhammad Iqbal

Born on Nov 9, 1877 at Sialkot, Punjab, British India

Died on Apr 21, 1938 at Lahore, Punjab, British India

About : 

  • Allama Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal was born at Sialkot on 9th November, 1877. In his early age, he was greatly influenced by his father Sheikh Noor Mohammad who was a very pious man. He received his early education under the guidance of Shamsul Ullama Mir Hassan who was a great oriental scholar of his time. He passed his Middle and High School examination with distinction and was awarded scholarships in both the examinations. After clearing Intermediate examination he joined Government College, Lahore, where he was a student of Professor Arnold, a great literary figure of his time. He stood first in B.A. examination with distinction in Arabic and English and obtained a Gold Medal in M.A. Soon he was appointed as Professor of Philosophy in Oriental College, Lahore. After some time he went over to Government College, Lahore. He went to England in 1905 and joined Cambridge University as a student of Philosophy. He was awarded the degree of Ph.D. by the Munich University (Germany) on his thesis entitled “Mabaadul Tibyyat“. He was called to the Bar at Lincoln’s Inn, London and was appointed as a Professor of Arabic at London University. He returned home in 1908 and again joined service in Government College, Lahore. After some time he resigned his job and started law practice. He was elected member Punjab Legislative Assembly in 1926 for 3 years. In 1930 Dr. Iqbal was elected President of the Muslim League session held at Allahabad. In 1931 and 1932 he attended the Round Table Conference which met in London to frame a Constitution for India and took an active part in its various Committees.
  • Iqbal developed kidney trouble in 1927, which was cured by Hakim Abdul Wahab and he kept good health till 1934. In 1934, he developed heart trouble accompanied by loss of voice. His illness took a serious turn on 25th March, 1938 and he breathed his last in the early hours of 21st April, 1938. Half an hour before his death, he recited the following verses :
  • The last word Iqbal uttered was ‘Allah‘. He lived in God and died in God.
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