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 Ernest Rutherford

Ernest Rutherford

A commemorative postage stamp on the birth centenary of Sir Ernest Baron Rutherford of Nelson, father of nuclear physics and developer of theory of spontaneous disintegration of the atom :

Radioactivity : spontaneous disintegration of atomsIssued by Canada

Issued on Mar 24, 1971

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Colour : Red, Orange and Black

Denomination : 6 cents

Name : Ernest Rutherford

Born on Aug 30, 1871 at Brightwater, Colony of New Zealand

Died on Oct 19, 1937 at Cambridge, England

About : 

  • This stamp commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Sir Ernest Rutherford. Following his graduation in New Zealand, his native land, Rutherford studied at Cambridge University, England.
  • In 1898, he came to Canada to accept an appointment as professor of physics at McGill University. It was here in collaboration with Frederick Soddy that he first succeeded in disintegrating an atom of nitrogen.
  • At that time his findings made McGill University the world centre of atomic research and gave unprecedented impetus to physical research throughout Canada.
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July 18, 2023 8:01 am

[…] interest free loan from the Mewar State Government. He completed his PhD under the supervision of Ernst Rutherford at the […]

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