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 Indian Wildlife 1983
October 1, 1983

Indian Wildlife 1983

A set of two commemorative postage stamps on the Endangered Primates : Golden Langur (Presbytis geei) and Liontailed Macaque (Macaca ilenus) :

Gee's golden langur : Old World MonkeyWanderoo : Old World MonkeyIssued by India

Issued on Oct 1, 1983

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Colour : Multi colour

Denomination : 100 & 200 Paise

About : 

  • Fauna and flora are not only nature’s gift to mankind but also vital elements in the biosphere that supports human life on this fragile planet. Forests and wildlife are intricately intertwined in our eco-system and each draws sustenance from the other and in turn forms biocoenotic relationship with man. However, man often fails to realise this vital relationship. As more and more trees are felled to meet the growing need for wood, as more and more forests are cleared to provide land for human use, the wildlife habitat is constantly, and often irretrievably, shrinking. Industrial effluents also contribute to degradation of natural habitat. Shrinking forests, degradation of habitat, indiscriminate decimation at the hands of poachers have resulted in many species of fauna being forever lost to mankind, many being gravely endangered and threatened. Time is at hand for a concerted and multidimensional global effort to protect and preserve wildlife for the posterity. In order to focus attention on the urgent need for conservation, Indian P & T Department brings out a set of two stamps on Lion-Tailed Macaque and Golden Langur, two endangered indigenous primates, during the National Wildlife Week.
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