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 Japan National Science Museum

Japan National Science Museum

A commemorative postage stamp on the 100 years of the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo :

Dinosaur (Tokyo Science Museum) : Kokuritsu Kagaku HakubutsukanIssued by Japan

Issued on Nov 2, 1977

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Colour : Multicolour

Denomination : 50 yen

Size of impression : 22.5 mm x 33 mm

Quantity issued : 30,000,000 stamps

About : 

  • A ¥50 postage stamp to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the National Science Museum will be issued.
  • The first museum in Japan was established at Yushima in Ochanomizu, Tokyo, in 1872. It then was called the Museum of the Ministry of Education and was designed to exhibit zoological and botanical specimen as well as various kinds of minerals and fossils. The name of the museum was later changed to the Tokyo Museum, and in 1877 it made a fresh start as the Educational Museum. This is the origin of the present science museum.
  • In June, 1949, under the law for the establishment of the Education Ministry, the museum was placed under the jurisdiction of the Education Minister. Its name was changed to the present National Science Museum. This year marks the 100th year since the museum made a start as the Educational Museum.
  • The only museum of this kind in Japan, the National Science Museum makes research and studies of the history of nature and natural science, exhibits data related to the studies for public view and contributes to the diffusion of knowledge concerning the history of nature and natural science among the people.
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