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 Japan on International Letter Writing Week 1979

Japan on International Letter Writing Week 1979

A postage stamp to mark the International Letter Writing Week 1979 :

Shinzan-daitaku-zu : Maruyama Okyo (Maruyama Masataka)Issued by Japan

Issued on Oct 8, 1979

Colour : Multicolour

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Denomination : 100 Yen

Size of impression : 35.5 mm x 25.0 mm

Quantity issued : 22,000,000 stamps

About : 

  • In commemoration of the International Letter Writing Week, a 100 yen postage stamp has been issued on Oct. 8, 1979.
  • The International Letter Writing Week was inaugurated with a view to contributing to the world peace through writing letters so that all the people in the world mutually exchange their knowledge, deepen their understandings and communicate their cultures by transcending the differences in language, thought and custom. By establishing a week including Oct. 9 which is the Universal Postal Union foundation anniversary day as “a week for letter writing“, “The International Letter Writing Week” was resolved to be instituted by the 14th Universal Postal Union Congress held at Ottawa, Canada, in 1957. This year happens to be the 23rd anniversary in Japan, and colorful events are scheduled to be held in various places during Oct. 8 through 14.
  • The postage design consists of a part of “Shinzandaitakuzu (A Picture of Deep Mountains and Large Swamps) on a six-folding screen at the Ninna Temple in Kyoto. It is a minutely drawn light-colored picture close to a black-and-white drawing. The painter is Okyo Maruyama.
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