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 Mizoram Accord

A commemorative postage stamp on the Anniversary of the Mizo Accord, 1986, Memorandum of Settlement :

Government of India & Mizo National Front (MNF)Peace and ProgressIssued by India

Issued on Jun 30, 1999

Issued for : The Department of Posts is happy to issue this stamp commemorating Mizoram Accord.

Design : The design of the stamp emphasizes the lasting peace brought on by the Accord with the two hands clasped in a firm handshake symbolizing the Accord. The richly embroidered Mizo cloth ‘puanchai’ worn by Mizo women on occasions of merriment, gaiety and festivity symbolizes peace and harmony in the state and the lush green hills in the background represent the natural scenic beauty of the state. The first day cover again symbolizes the peace and progress brought by the Accord.

Credits :
Stamp :
 Shri Rosiamliana Ralte, DIET, Aizawl
FDC : Shri H. Rohmingthanga, Tuikual, Aizawl
Cancellation : Smt. Alka Sharma

Type : Stamp, Mint Condition

Colour : Multi Colour

Denomination : 300 Paise

Overall size : 4.06 x 2.28 cms.

Printing size : 3.71 x 1.93 cms.

Perforation : 13 x 13

Paper : Imported unwatermarked Adhesive Gravure Coated Stamp Paper in Sheets 50.8 x 53.5 cms.

Stamps Printed : One Million

Number per issue sheet : 50

Printing Process : Photogravure

Printer : India Security Press, Nashik

About : 

  • From the status of Union Territory, Mizoram became the 23rd State of the Republic of India, in February, 1987. A mountainous region, the state has the most variegated hilly terrain in the eastern part of India. The hills are steep and separated by rivers flowing either to the north or south creating deep gorges between hilly ranges. Mizoram literally translated means ‘land of the highlanders’. The Tropic of Cancer runs through the heart of Mizoram. Assam and Manipur border the north while Tripura lies in the west.
  • For a number of years the state was ravaged by insurgency spearheaded by a separatist group called the Mizo National Front (MNF) resulting in untold hardship, suffering and loss of human lives. Development activities had come to a standstill.
  • On 30th June, 1986, the historic ‘Mizoram Accord‘ was signed between the Government and MNF bringing an end to this era of insurgency and ushering peace and stability to the area. This historic accord served to strengthen the emotional integration of the people of the state with the nation as a whole. With Mizoram becoming a model state of the north east with the highest literacy rate, significant progress has been made in the fields of education, agriculture, telecommunications, infrastructure and overall prosperity of the region.
  • Text : Based on materials supplied by State Govt.
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Rosiamliana Ralte
Rosiamliana Ralte
January 20, 2023 6:00 pm

I love the Peace Accord Commemorative postage stamp very much, as it is the first of its kind and by the Mizo Painter and Illustrator Rosiamliana Ralte.

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