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 Nordic Museum, Stockholm
October 24, 1973

Nordic Museum, Stockholm

Complete Set of 5 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the Centenary of the Nordic Museum at Stockholm :

Issued by Sweden

Issued on Oct 24, 1973

Issued for : Centenary of the Nordic Museum, Stockholm

Picture : Several scenes from the cultural history and ethnography of Sweden from the Early Modern age75o Plower with Ox Team75o Woman working flax brake75o Farm couple planting potatoes75o Women baking bread & 75o Man with horse-drawn sower.

Colour : 75o  Greenish Black, 75o Red Brown, 75o Greenish Black, 75o Plum & 75o Red Brown.

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Watermark : No

Denomination : 75 Öre each

Perforation : 12½ Horizontal

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john paradowski
8 years ago

hi my name is john paradowski and io collect poststamps from all over the world and my house address is 1858 columbine dr yorkville il 60560 thankyou very much and i hope to here from you very soon from john paradowski

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