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 Pakistan Handicraft Series 1982
February 20, 1982

Pakistan Handicraft Series 1982

Complete set of 2 nos. of special postage stamp on the Pakistan Handiwork Series (2nd set) :

Pakistan HandiworkPakistan HandicraftIssued by Pakistan

Issued on Feb 20, 1982

Issued for : In order to focus attention on the rich heritage of handicraft in our country, Pakistan Post Office had issued on 23rd August, 1979 a special series consisting of four stamps depicting specimens of (i) Guj embroidered shirt (Guj is a Sindhi term for woman’s wedding shirt), (ii) Enamel inlaid brass plate, (iii) Baskets, and (iv) Chain-stitch embroidered rug in the denominations of 40 Paisa, Re. 1/-, Rs. 1.50 and Rs. 2/- respectively. The second set of stamps in the handicraft series consisting of two stamps each of Re. 1/- denomination depicting specimens of (i) Halla Pottery, and (ii) Camel Skin Lamp will be released on the 20th February, 1982.

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Denomination : Re. 1 (for both the designs)

Colours : Yellow, blue, red, vermillion, grey & black

Size of stamps : 40 x 50 mm

Size of print : 36 x 46 mm

Perforation : 14C

Quantity : Two Million (one million each design)

No. of Stamps in a sheet : 50

Process of printing : Litho Offset

Printers : Secura Singapore

About : 

  • Pakistan with its five thousand year old civilisation has a rich heritage of handicrafts. The different regions with wide variety of tradition and culture, dialects, folklore, music, dresses and costumes have much to offer to any connoisseur of handicrafts. The Kashmiri Shawls, the Baluchi and Sindhi embroidery work, the Peshawari chappals and carpets, camel skin lamps of Multan, Gujrati pottery and the wood and brass work done in different parts of Pakistan have all a charm of their own.
  • Issued by: The Director General, Pakistan Post Office, Islamabad
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