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 Pastoral Era : Australia
May 10, 1989

Pastoral Era : Australia

Complete Set of 5 nos of commemorative postage stamp on the Pastoral Era of Colonial Australia :

British Colonial Australian HistoryAboriginal AustraliansSquatting in Australian historyPastoral Settlement in AustraliaBritish Colonial History in AustraliaIssued by Australia

Issued on May 10, 1989

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Colour : Multi colour

Denomination : 39 cents each

About : 

  • The period 1810-1850 was a time when the foundations of Australia‘s pastoral prosperity were laid.
    Assisted immigration from the British Isles to Australia began in the 1830s with more than 176,000 people arriving by 1849. The long sea voyage was dangerous and an Australian port, such as Sydney, Swan River, Adelaide, Port Phillip or Hobart, was a welcome sight.
    A wattle and daub was home to the majority of pioneers in the bush. Drays were important vehicles for the transport of the wool clip and for the vital supplies of food and materials from the port. Aborigines, often in conflict with pioneers over land use, also helped them by indicating good land and water courses.
    Squatting originated when pastoralists took up land illegally. They became respected members of society when colonial governments recognised their claims. Large homesteads soon replaced their humble huts.
    Often a convict assigned servant, sometimes a free settler, a shepherd worked long and solitary hours guarding huge numbers of sheep. He risked flogging if any were lost.
    The tracks of explorers such as Sturt, Hume and Hovell, Eyre, Leichhardt, Cunningham and Mitchell were closely followed by pastoralists seeking more land.
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