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 Australian Impressionists

Australian Impressionists

Complete Set of 4 nos of commemorative postage stamp on the Impressionism by Australian Artists :

National Gallery of VictoriaArt Gallery of South AustraliaBenalla Art GalleryNational Gallery of VictoriaIssued by Australia

Issued on Aug 23, 1989

Design :
Tom Roberts 1856-1931
Impression 1888
Oil on cedar panel 11 x 18.5 cm
National Gallery of Victoria
Purchased 1955

Charles Conder 1868-1909
All on a Summer’s Day 1888
Oil on wood panel
40.6 x 28.8 cm
M.J.M. Carter Collection
Art Gallery of South Australia

Arthur Streeton 1867-1943
Impression for Golden Summer c.1888
Oil on canvas on board 29.6 x 58.7 cm
Ledger Collection
Benalla Art Gallery

Frederick McCubbin 1855-1917
Petit Déjeuner c.1889
Oil on cedar panel 11 x 22.3 cm
National Gallery of Victoria
Purchased 1956

Designed by : Keryn Christos, Australia Post Graphic Design Studio

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Colour : Multi colour

Denomination : 41 cents each

About : 

  • Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton, Charles Conder and Frederick McCubbin dominated the ‘golden age’ of Australian painting: the years between 1855 and the turn of the century. Painting outdoors in the bush areas around Melbourne and Sydney, they concentrated on momentary effects of light and colour, with broad brush strokes.
  • Their work first came to public attention at the 9 x 5 Impression Exhibition, held at Buxton’s galleries in Swanston Street, Melbourne. Generally regarded as a milestone in Australian painting, the exhibition launched an identifiable national school. The Australian Impressionists stamp issue features four works shown at the exhibition, and coincides with its centenary in 1989.
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