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 Hafiz Mahmood Shairani
October 5, 1980

Hafiz Mahmood Shairani

A commemorative postage stamp on the Birth Centenary of Hafiz Mehmood Khan Shirani (18801980), famous for his theory of “Punjab Mein Urdu :

Pakistan Diamond Stamp 1980 : Father of Akhtar SheeraniIssued by Pakistan

Issued on Oct 5, 1980

Issued forPakistan Post Office is issuing a stamp of 40 paisa denomination on 5th October, 1980, to commemorate the birth centenary of Hafiz Mahmood Shairani.

Designer : Adil Salahuddin

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Denomination : 40 Paisa

Colours : Turquoise Blue, Prussian Blue, Terracotta Red and Green

Size of Stamp : 40 x 40 m.m.

Size of Print : 37 x 37 m.m.

Perforation : 13 (C)

Quantity : 5,00,000

No. of stamps in one sheet : 50 (fifty)

Process of Printing : Litho Offset

Printers : Pakistan Security Printing Corporation Karachi

Name : Hafiz Mehmood Khan Shirani

Born on Oct 5, 1880 at Tonk, Rajputana Agency, British India [now in Rajasthan, India]

Died on Feb 15, 1946

About : 

  • Hafiz Mahmood Shairani, great critic and renowned scholar of the sub-continent, was born at Tonk, Rajputana, on 5th October, 1880. He received his early education on the conventional pattern. He was admitted to the University Oriental College, Lahore, in 1897 and passed Honours in Persian examination in 1901. In 1904 Mahmood Shairani proceeded to England to study law and joined Lincoln’s Inn. He earned the honour of being a founder member of the Pak-Islamic Society, London and served it, first as Joint Secretary and later as Secretary. In 1906 his father passed away and he had to leave his education of law incomplete and got appointment as an Advisor of Oriental Affairs in the famous Luzac and Company.
  • In 1913 Mahmood Shairani came to his home for a short stay but could not return to England due to the breaking out of the First World War. During those idle years he started writing his scholarly essays on the History of Persian Literature. Some of his essays which were published in 1921 drew wide applause from every nook and corner of the sub-continent. In 1922 Mahmood Shairani joined Islamia College, Lahore, as a lecturer. In 1928 his marvellous book Punjab main Urdu was published which is a milestone for the linguistics of the Urdu language. The same year a chair for the Urdu Language was created in the Punjab University and he was selected for the post.
  • Although essentially a scholar of Persian language and literature, Hafiz Mahmood Shairani held complete mastery over a field of diversified subjects such as Urdu language, literature and linguistics, history of muslims of Iran, Central Asia and India, numismatics and calligraphy. Mahmood Shairani went on retirement in 1940 and breathed his last on 15th February, 1946.
  • As almost all of his published works are in Urdu, Shairani and his valuable research-works are not very well known in Europe. An academy namely MAJLISEYADGARIEHAHIZ MAHMOOD SHAIRANI has been established at Lahore to celebrate the Centenary of this great scholar and also to publish his remaining works.
  • Apart from scores of his scholarly articles the following works of Hafiz Mahmood Shairani have been published in book form :
    • 1. Rise and Progress of Mohometanism by Henry Stubbe (edited) London 1911
    • 2. Punjab main Urdu, – Lahore 1928
    • 3. MajmuaiNaghz by Qudrat Ullah Qasim (edited) Lahore 1933
    • 4. TanquidiShirul AjamDelhi 1942
    • 5. Firdausi Par Char MaqalayDelhi 1942
    • 6. Prithi Raj RasaDelhi 1943
    • 7. Khaliq BariDelhi 1944
    • 8. MaqalatiShairani in seven Volumes – Lahore 1966 to 1976.
  • Issued by: The Director General, Pakistan Post Office, Islamabad.
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