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 Canada on International Youth Year 1985
February 8, 1985

Canada on International Youth Year 1985

A commemorative postage stamp on the United Nations International Youth Year (IYY) 1985 :

IYY : Green Heart and Yellow Arrow made of Neon Tubes over JeansIssued by Canada

Issued on Feb 8, 1985

Stamp design : The stamp’s design is the work of Montreal designer François Dallaire. The green heart and yellow arrow made of neon tubes – a modern and attractive visual medium – reflect the positive and peaceful spirit that inspires youth. The First Day Cover bears the official United Nations International Youth Year logo, with a line version of that logo in the Day of Issue cancellation.

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Colour : Multi Colour

Denomination : 32 Cents

About : 

  • The United Nations has proclaimed 1985 International Youth Year. In this way the UN intends to establish an awareness of the problems encountered by young people, and to encourage the implementation of solutions that promote their participation in development and peace.
  • The Youth Situation
    • World youth face a number of difficulties. For millions of young people unemployment has become a daily reality. Without a steady income, they find it hard to participate in the development of society and to find answers to issues such as human rights, disarmament, and the environment that concern the world. Their problems may well intensify, because the global population between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four, which stood at 738 million in 1975, is expected to reach 1,800 million by the year 2000.
  • Participation, Development, and Peace
    • International Youth Year was designed to channel young people’s energy and creativity. Its theme encompasses the concepts of Participation, Development, and Peace. Participation signifies individuals making decisions that affect their lives. Development is a process that links personal growth to the social, economic, and political changes in one’s community. Finally, the concept of Peace is the building of mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation among people – an essential condition for participation and development.
  • Activities in Canada
    • Canada‘s 4.5 million young people are encouraged to make an active contribution to the decision-making process at all three levels of government, and to look for new ways of dealing with the issues that concern them. Activities planned for the year range from athletic competitions for handicapped youth to a nationwide reforestation project.
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