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 Krushna Chandra Gajapati

Krushna Chandra Gajapati

A commemorative postage stamp on Captain Maharaja Sri Sri Sri Krushna Chandra Gajapathi Narayana Deva, Prime Minister of Orissa (1941-44) :

Maharaja Krushna Chandra Gajapathi Narayan Deo : Founder of Modern State of OrissaIssued by India

Issued on Apr 25, 1992

Description of Designs : The commemorative stamp has been designed by India Security Press, Nashik. The first day cover which depicts the palace of the Maharaja of Parlakhemundi has been designed by Sankh Samant. The cancellation has been designed by Alka Sharma.

Type : Stamp, Mint Condition

Colour : Single Colour

Denomination : 100 Paise

Overall size : 3.91 x 2.90 cms.

Printing size : 3.55 x 2.54 cms.

Perforation : 13 x 13

Paper : Indigenous Un W / M Gravure Coated Gummed Stamp Paper

Number Printed : 6,00,000

Number per issue sheet : 35

Printing Process : Photogravure

Printed : India Security Press

Name : Krushna Chandra Gajapati Narayana Deva

Born on Apr 26, 1892 at Parlakhemundi (Parala), Gajapati district, Odisha, India

Died on May 25, 1974 at Parlakhemundi, Gajapati district, Odisha, India

About : 

  • The former maharaja of Parlakhemundi, Krushna Chandra Gajapathi has been described as the founder of the modern state of Orissa. This patriotic prince of Parlakhemundi dedicated his life to the unification of Orissa and amalgamation of the Oriya-speaking tracts, which had been distributed over four provinces for around three centuries.
  • As the pioneer of the Oriya movement, he spent millions, from the royal treasury for the cause of Orissa and its development. He put forth the demands for a separate province of Orissa before the two Round Table Conferences of the British Government in 1930 and 1932. His efforts took some time to achieve the goal but ultimately he was successful and the Oriyas got a separate province in the year 1936.
  • Krushna Chandra Gajapathi continued to provide multi-dimensional leadership to Orissa and was unanimously elected the first premier of Orissa. He established the Utkal University, Cuttack Medical College and the Rice Research Institute at Cuttack. He set up many schools, colleges, industrial institutions, modern farms and irrigation projects. Scholarships were awarded to thousands of poor and meritorious students for higher studies in Humanities, Science, Agriculture, Medicine and Engineering. His patronage of Oriya literature, art, music, sports and culture is unforgettable. He also extended the narrow gauge Light Railway from Parlakhemundi to Gunupur, for providing basic travel services to the people and for the development of the region predominated by the adivasis, harijans and the downtrodden.
  • He was an honorary Captain in the First World War, Member of the Royal Agricultural Commission and of the Madras Legislative Assembly. An honorary LL.D. was awarded to him by the Utkal University and the prestigious title of K.C.I.E. was also conferred on him. He was a member of the Constituent Assembly of India as well. His contributions to horse racing and horse breeding in India are notable. He also made generous donations to the Pasteur Research Institute, Coonoor, the Coimbatore Agricultural University and the Indian Red Cross Society. His name adorned the Boards of several corporate institutions.
  • Orissa is a viable State of the Indian Union, largely due to Krushna Chandra Gajapathi, and the people of present day Orissa, have deep emotional attachment with him.
  • Text Courtesy: Gopinath Gajapathi, M.P.
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