Lennart Olson

Complete Set of 5 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the Swedish Glass-making :

923 Lifting Molten Glass [Swedish Glassmaking]924 Glass Blower [Swedish Glassmaking]925 Decorating Vase [Swedish Glassmaking]926 Annealing vase [Swedish Glassmaking]927 Polishing jug [Swedish Glassmaking]

Issued by Sweden

Issued on Mar 22, 1972

Issued for : Swedish Glass-making

Designed by : Lennart Olson [a Swedish photographer, director, screenwriter and documentary filmmaker. He worked as a freelance photographer with assignments in Europe and Asia and created films for SVT (Sveriges Television AB). His photographs are mostly black and white pictures including bridges, aircraft and scenery. The imagery is powerful and often monumental]

Picture : Several acts of Glassmaking in Sweden [pictures are inspired from the photography of Lennart Olson]. 65o Lifting Molten Glass65o Glass Blower65o Decorating Vase65o Annealing Vase & 65o Polishing Jug.

Colour : 65o Black, 65o Violet Blue, 65o Carmine, 65o Black & 65o Violet Blue.

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Watermark : No

Denomination : 65 Öre each

Perforation : 12½ Horizontal

Printing Process : Engraved

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