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 Pakistan on Malaria Eradication 1962
April 7, 1962

Pakistan on Malaria Eradication 1962

Complete set of 2 nos. of commemorative postage stamp on the WHO Drive to Eradicate Malaria :

World Health Organization
United Nations : international public healthIssued

Issued on Apr 7, 1962

Issued for : Malaria eradication commemoratives set consisting of two postage stamps of 10 and 13 Paisa values is being issued on the 7th April, 1962, the date fixed by the World Health Organization in connection with their global programme for the eradication of malaria. These stamps will be on sale at all the post offices in Pakistan, the Karachi Philatelic Bureau and the Philatelic Counters at Lahore, Rawalpindi, Dacca and Chittagong.

Design : The mosquito, carrying malarial germs, in the attacking position forms the motif of 10-Paisa and the annihilated mosquito, with a sword blade, bearing the words ‘MALARIA ERADICATION’, pierced through its body forms the motif of 13-Paisa postage stamp. On the right hand side of both of these postage stamps appears the common emblem designed by the World Health Organization and the word ‘Pakistan’ in English, Urdu and Bengali.

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Denominations : 10 & 13 Paisa

Colours :
10 Paisa : Red, Bright Yellow 
and Black
13 Paisa : Red, Pale Yellow and Black

Size of Stamps : 42 x 27 mm

Size of Prints : 39 x 24 mm

Perforation : 14 x 14 (C)

Quantity Printed :
10 Paisa : 5,00,000 pieces
13 Paisa : 7,00,000 pieces

Number of Stamps in each sheet : 100

Process of Printing : Photogravure

Name of Printers : Messrs Thomas De La Rue and Company Ltd., London

About : 

  • Malaria continues to be a constant threat all over the world. Quite apart from the large number of all age-groups that it kills, it aims several millions for long periods and exposes hundreds of thousands who are chronically debilitated to other deadly infections. Pakistan, along with other countries of the world has joined the world-wide programme for eradication of this one of the most dreaded diseases.
  • The national effort to root out the ancient killer is being waged in a phased programme extending over a period of fourteen years and is estimated to cost Rs. 52 crores. The Government has constituted for the purpose an autonomous Malaria Eradication Board presided over by the Minister for Health, Labour and Social Welfare. When it is considered that malaria accounts for the loss of crores of rupees annually in terms of man-hours wasted and the cost of medical treatment – let alone the misery and sufferings of millions – the proposed expenditure on the anti-malaria plan is not only a desirable utilization of public resources for the rescue of humanity but also a productive investment.
  • With the compliments of The Director-General, Pakistan Post Office, Karachi.
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