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 UN Conference on Technical Co-operation among Developing Countries 1978
September 3, 1978

UN Conference on Technical Co-operation among Developing Countries 1978

A commemorative postage stamp on the United Nations Conference on Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries :

Globe and CogwheelIssued by Pakistan

Issued on Sep 3, 1978

Issued for : To commemorate this important international moot Pakistan Post office has issued a stamp in the 75 paisa denomination on 3rd September, 1978.

Description : Format of the stamp is square. Technical Co-operation among Developing Countries, is symbolically represented by cogwheels intermingled with one another in different colours against the green background.

Designer : Mr. Adil Salahuddin

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Denomination : 75 Paisa

Colours : Blue, Red, Yellow and Black

Size of Stamp : 40 x 40 m.m.

Size of Print : 37 x 37 m.m.

Perforation Gauge : 13 x 13 C

Quantity : 5,00,000 Stamps

No. of Stamps in a sheet : 50

Process of Printing : Litho Offset

Printer : Pakistan Security Printing Corporation Limited, Karachi

About : 

  • United Nations Conference on “Technical Co-operation Among Developing Countries” (TCDC) being held at Buenos Aires, Argentina from 30 August to 12 September, 1978 would be a decisive event in the evolution of a new international order in which the self reliant capabilities of the developing countries will grow in place of earlier forms of dependence.
  • This will be the first global conference on International Technical Co-operation, which will attempt to outline, on a global scale, the responsibilities of all countries as well as the United Nations development system to forge new links of development co-operation for the creation of a New International Economic Order.
  • In the words of Mr. Bradford Morse, Secretary General of the Conference, “TCDC is a key instrument by which developing countries can project themselves into a position of greater economic equality with the rest of the world”.
  • According to the draft Plan of Action the main objectives of TCDC are :
    • 1. To foster the self-reliance of developing countries through the enhancement of their creative capacity to achieve solutions to development problems in keeping with their own aspirations, values and social needs.
    • 2. To promote and strengthen collective self reliance among developing countries through the exchange of experience, sharing and utilization of combined resources, and the development of complementary capacities.
    • 3. To strengthen the capacity of developing countries to identify and analyse collectively the main issues of their development and to formulate the requisite strategies and policies in the conduct of their economic relations with the industrially advanced countries.
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