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 India on Albert Einstein

India on Albert Einstein

A commemorative postage stamp on the Birth Centenary of Albert Einsteina German theoretical physicist, received 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics, developed the theory of relativity :

1921 Nobel Prize in Physics : Photoelectric Effect (Theoretical Physics)Issued by India

Issued on Mar 14, 1979

Issued for : The P & T Department feels privileged to bring out a commemorative postage stamp on the birth centenary of this great scientist.

Description of Design : The design of the stamp is horizontal and depicts a portrait of the personality.

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Colour : Blue Black

Denomination : 100 Paise

Overall size : 3.91 X 2.90 cms.

Printing size : 3.55 X 2.54 cms.

Perforation : 13 X 13

Watermark : Printed on unwatermarked stamp paper

Number printed : 20,00,000

Number per issue sheet : 35

Printing process : Photogravure

Designed and Printed at : India Security Press

Name : Albert Einstein

Born on Mar 14, 1879 at Ulm, Kingdom of Württemberg, German Empire

Died on Apr 18, 1955 at Princeton, New Jersey, United States

About : 

  • Physicist, mathematician, humanitarian, Albert Einstein is one of the greatest scientists of all times. His theories established a new concept of the physical world and led to such advances as harnessing atomic energy.
  • In 1905, when barely 25, Einstein published his famous theory of relativity. It included his revolutionary expression of the relation between mass and energy. This he stated in a brief, but highly profound, equation, E = mc2.
  • The generalised theory of gravitation or non-symmetric unified field theory was independently developed by Einstein in 1945.
  • A Nobel Prize winner in 1921, Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on March 14, 1879. By 1913 his fame was so great that the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute named him its director and in 1914 he was elected a member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences. He went to the United States in 1932 and eventually settled in PrincetonNew Jersey, at the Institute for Advanced Studies. He became a U.S. citizen in 1940.
  • Albert Einstein was skilled in many fields of endeavour, but he was dedicated to his work in science. What is really beautiful is science! he once said. It is a great gift if one is permitted to work in science for his whole life.
  • Einstein died on April 18, 1955, at the age of 76.
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