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A commemorative postage stamp on the 500th Anniversary of the Coronation of Sri Krishna Deva Raya, an Indian emperor of Vijayanagara Empire, 3rd ruler of Tuluva Dynasty (1509-29) :

Kannada Rajya Rama Ramana (Vijayanagara Empire)Hampi, KarnatakaStone Chariot in front of Vittala Temple, Hampi, KarnatakaIssued by India

Issued on Jan 27, 2011

Issued for : India Post is happy to honour Krishnadevaraya by issuing a commemorative postage stamp.

Credits :
StampFDC : 
Sankha Samanta
Cancellation : Alka Sharma

Type : StampMint Condition

Colour : Multi colour

Denomination : 500 Paise

Stamps Printed : 0.3 Million

Printing Process : Wet Offset

Printer : Security Printing Press, Hyderabad

Name : Kṛṣṇa Deva Rāya

Born on Feb 16, 1471 at Hampi, Karnataka, India [the former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire]

Died on 1529 at Hampi, Karnataka, India

About : 

  • The Vijayanagara Empire was established in 1336 by Sangama brothers and it was ruled by four imperial dynasties namely Sangama, Salva, Tulva & Aravidu. Krishnadevaraya belonged to the third dynasty of the empire namely Tulva. He was the son of Nagalamba and Narasanayaka also called as Narasimharaya.
  • He came to power in February 1509. But there are some more evidences which prove that January 24, 1510 is the Coronation date of Krishnadevaraya. In all probability the Coronation ceremony of Krishnadevaraya was held twice i.e., the first coronation happened in February 1509. Then, after suppressing the rebellious local chiefs he was once again coronated on 11th March 1513. Krishnadevaraya‘s invasions against Ummatturu chiefs and Kalinga, his relationship with Bahmani Kingdom and the capture of Raichur and Mudgal were more illustrious than any other achievements of the earlier kings.
  • He maintained cordial relations with the Portuguese and he improved trade with them. Krishnadevaraya was a learned manHe composed Amukthamalyada and Marichi Parinayamu. Amukthamalyada was composed in Sanskrit and Marichi Parinayamu in Telugu. Many works are attributed to Krishnadevaraya by historical sources but they are yet to be accepted by and large. He had eight poets in his court and they were called as Ashtadiggajas. During his period Sanskrit, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil literature, music, dance and drama were patronised equally.
  • His contribution towards the art and architecture of the empire is an important chapter in the history of art. He built Balakrishna, Ananathashayana and Lakshminarasimha temple in his capital. Besides, he added a Kalyanamantapa, a hundred pillared halls, and a stone chariot to Vithala temple at Hampi. Apart from this, throughout the empire he contributed for the development of temples. Special mentions can be made of Thiruvannamalai, Chidambaram, Srirangam, Tirupathi and Kalahasti. He was a special devotee of Lord Venkateshwara of Tirupathi. His administration and his lifestyle were experienced and described in their travelogues by Barbosa, Tom Pires, Domingo Paes and Nuniz, apart from the description of the empire and the city.
  • The above achievements of Krishnadevaraya contributed to his stature among the emperors of Vijayanagara.
  • Text : Based on the text provided by Director of Archaeology & Museums in Karnataka, Mysore.
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Ch. Ranbir Singh

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