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 Pakistan on Hypertension
April 20, 1978

Pakistan on Hypertension

Complete set of 2 nos. of commemorative postage stamp on the Awareness Campaign against Hypertension (HTN/HT) [high blood pressure (HBP)] :

Coronary Artery Disease : Resting Blood PressureHigh Blood Pressure (HBP)Issued by Pakistan

Issued on Apr 20, 1978

Issued for : In order to high-light this occasion Pakistan Post Office is issuing a set of two commemorative Postage Stamps of Paisa 20 and Rupees 2.00 denomination 20th April, 1978.

Design : The format of the Stamps is square with a standing human figure indicating parts of body affected by Hypertension. A sphygmomanometer is attached to the left arm measuring the blood pressure.The insignia of the International Society and Federation of Cardiology is printed at the left bottom corner.

Designer : Adil Salahuddin

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Denomination : Paisa 20 and Rs. 2/-

Colours : Yellow, Blue, Red and Black

Size of Stamp : 40 x 40 m.m.

Size of Print : 37 x 37 m.m.

Perforation Gauge : 13 x 13 C

Quantity : 5,00,000 each

Number of Stamps in a sheet : 50

Process of Printing : Litho Offset

Printer : Pakistan Security Printing Corporation LimitedKarachi

About : 

  • To create an awareness of the dangers of high blood pressure April, 1978 is being celebrated as ‘World Hypertension Month‘ with the slogan ‘Down with High Blood Pressure‘.
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure, is a silent threat to the health of people. Presenting no symptoms in its early stages, it often passes unnoticed. However, its complications are among the most important causes of death and incapacity. As Blood Pressure goes up, life expectancy goes down.
  • The dangers of high blood pressure are manifold. It is responsible for changes in all blood vessels in particular those supplying blood to the brain, the kidneys and the heart, resulting in heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure. It is estimated that about 10% to 15% of the Pakistani Adult Population suffers from high blood pressure.
  • Potent medicines are now available which can completely control this condition and avoid the complications noted above. Patients with high blood pressure must, however, remain on treatment for life time for continued protection. Most importantly, all apparently healthy people should have yearly Blood Pressure measurement performed so that this disease is nipped in the bud.
  • Issued by The Director-General, Pakistan Post Office, Karachi.
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